Tuesday, October 4, 2011


We are now in the beautiful Scandinavian nation of Sweden for a couple of days. Sweden is the 5th largest nation in Europe after Russia, Ukraine, France and Spain. There is a population of nearly 9,000,000, and the folks we are with are absolutely delightful.

Stockholm - Capital City - sits on the eastern edge of the nation. it is a city with a great many islands:


The church we are in is The Arken: www.arken.org
This is a wonderful ministry - bringing healing and deliverance to thousands. They have 30 healing rooms where people can come for prayer and personal ministry. There are over 130 students in their Bible School this year. Praise God for this ministry in this great country.

Once again, these are not my photos. I don't think we have time for sightseeing, but I just wanted you to get a taste of Sweden.