Sunday, September 14, 2014

Known By God - Psalm 139

The Lord has searched us and knows every minute detail of our lives. He knows us inside and out – His understanding of us is remarkable and so very humbling. We are not measured against others, but according to the plans he has laid out for each one of us. Here are 7 things he knows about us from psalm 139:

• V2 God knows when we sit or stand – He is aware of everything we are doing at all times of the day

• V2 God knows every thought we think – He is interested in the intent of our hearts. He knows us as well on the inside as on the outside

• V3 God knows everything we do – He knows our habits and the things that motivate us - We are always on His mind

• V4 God  knows every word we ever speak – He knows it before it even comes out of our mouths

• V5 God knows every step we take, because He goes in front of us and behind us – His hand is on our head

• V16 God knows us from before we were born – He intricately planned every detail of our character, mind, body and spirit

• V17 God knows every day I am to live - He planned out all our days and wrote them out in His book