Monday, January 23, 2012

More From Psalm 149

I have been enjoying Psalm 149 over the past couple of days. Yesterday, I listed the 7 weapons of war that will make way for the glory of the Lord to prevail in the nations. Today, we find:

There are 7 times where the Lord is mentioned in this Psalm by name:

V1 – Lord
V1 – Lord
V2 – Maker
V2 – King
V4 – Lord
V6 – God
V9 – Lord

There are 7 different people or groups of people other than the Lord are mentioned

V1 – Saints (also v9)
V4 – His people
V4 – the humble
V7 – the nations
V7 – the peoples
V8 – their kings
V8 – their nobles

There are 7 outcomes from this praise. These are 7 things that will happen as we obey the Lord and enter into this work of high praise:

V4 – the Lord will beautify the humble with salvation
V5 – the Lord will impart a singing joy to His people
V6 – the Lord will place the sword of His Word into the mouths of His people
V7 – God’s people will minister His vengeance and punishments in the nations
V8 – God’s people will to bind up the powers and rulers of darkness in the nations
V9 – God’s people will administer His judgment on the wicked in the form of a written decree
V9 – the Lord will clothe His people with honor

As you can see, there are a series of things that we have to enter into by faith. For example these 7 things:

• we need to allow our hearts to rejoice - no matter what we are walking through in our lives
• we need to sing - even if we are not great singers. We are called upon to sing aloud on our beds
• we need to dance - even if we are not skilled dancers
• we need to enter this warfare with humility. It is the humble people who have the authority of God
• we need to fill our mouths with the high praises of God. This is different from praise - it is the praise that is filled with the presence and power of God
• we need to put the Word of God in our hands and before our eyes in a way that teaches us how to use this great tool of spiritual warfare
• we need to stand with the Lord as His ministers over the nations. He has given us authority to pull down satan's plans and rule. Jesus has won this victory on the cross, but we have to partner with the Lord as ministers of God's justice and glory in all the earth. We have to become active in prayer, worship and intercession on behalf of all nations.

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