Monday, January 30, 2012

Book of Proverbs 2

Here are a few thoughts on the way Proverbs is related to the other poetical books of the Bible:

Book of Job - we come to the presence of God through suffering
Book of Psalms - we come to the presence of God through prayer, praise and worship
Book of Proverbs - we come to the presence of God through wisdom and godly living
Book of Ecclesiastes - we come to the presence of God through the fear of the Lord
Book of Song Of Solomon - We come to the presence of God through intimacy

Book of Job - we find Christ through meditation on all aspects of life
Book of Psalms - we find Christ through communion as a foundation of life
Book of Proverbs - we find Christ through wisdom applied to our life
Book of Ecclesiastes - we find Christ through understanding the meaning of life
Book of Song Of Solomon - We find Christ through relationship with Him in every area of life

Proverbs: After the title and author are laid out in Chapter 1, verse 1, verse 2 offers five parallel statements that are the foundation of the entire book:

to know wisdom and instruction, to perceive the words of understanding

1. Know - yada - not just knowing with one's mind, but doing what we learn. To know by experience, and to become skilled in what we know. It also means to discern, to find out, to be alert, to carry out a decision or to put wisdom into action.

2. wisdom - chokmah - the goal and subject of this book. The Hebrew word for wisdom means "the things that controls or makes something firm or fixed in place." This wisdom is more to do with justice rather than simply intelligence. It is a practical and moral intelligence which produces a strength of character and practical knowledge on how to become established and controlled in one's life. This word, wisdom means that we are discovering God's thoughts on a matter and seeing life as God sees it.

3. Instruction - muwcar - sometimes translated as "discipline," refers to the method and process of attaining wisdom. "Discipline" involves obedience so that we will submit to God's higher authority for our lives. This is wisdom through correction and training.

4. Perceive - biyn -to have discernment and to separate. This involves knowing with the mind as well as the spirit and to give careful consideration to a matter and then stand apart with what is right. It also means, to give attentions to a matter and to turn the mind to a thing and give it due attention; to be prudent.

5. Understanding - biynah - means that we can discern good from evil - this is the ultimate intelligence.

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