Thursday, February 23, 2012

Amazing God 1

Chapters 39 to 41 of Job are fascinating to me. This is where God answers Job after all his questions, and after his friends have given their opinions on life and a multitude of other subjects. We might expect God to be gracious and compassionate to poor Job who has suffered some extreme and life-changing events in his family (he lost all his children), his health (he became very ill), his finances (he lost all of his livestock and ability to provide for himself, and his faith (satan came from the presence of God and was given permission to attack Job in all these areas - to test his faith).

God's response to Jobs questions has always amazed me. God gives detailed accounts of His creative powers. In fact, there are about 24 areas where God speaks of His power. I am going to list these in 4 parts:

Job 38:5, 18 He measured the earth

Job 38:8, 11 He birthed the sea and set its borders

Job 38:12 He commands the morning

Job 38:16  He knows the depths of the sea

Job 38:17  He knows the gates of death

Job 38:19 He knows where light & darkness come from                    

You are an amazing God!!

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