Monday, March 5, 2012

Another Poem

Here's another great poem from a blog I stumbled upon: A Sacrifice Of Praise

Not The Way I Would Have Chosen
Emily Riley

Though this would not be the way I would have chosen
And the night is often so dark I can’t see.
Even when my heart’s so cold I fear its frozen
This I know, you’re working what is best for me.
Through the valleys and the darkness that we travel
I will follow as you take me by the hand.
When I doubt your care and on this path I stumble
In my weakness on your righteousness I’ll stand.
There are days it seems this trial’s never ending
Yet you’ve promised in my need you will be there.
So I look to you with faith and hope my Savior
Trusting as your Spirit comforts all my cares.
Help me trust you in the darkness,
Help me look to you, My Guide.
Take my fears and give me peace
For you will never leave my side.