Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spiritual Sacrifices 3

This is the 3rd spiritual sacrifice that David introduced in the book of Psalms.

As with all the other sacrifices, these are a description of the "work" every Believer must do when they come to worship every day, and also on Sundays as we gather for worship. We have come to believe over the years that worship is primarily about music, but the music is simply a tool to help God's people minister these sacrifices of the heart and life before God's throne. These sacrifices should be the main focus, and not the songs; the congregation should be seen as vital ministers, and not just the worship team and leaders.

The Sacrifice Of Righteousness—Ps. 51:19. The Hebrew word for “righteousness” is tsedeq, meaning, “to be right in all things—natural, moral, legal,” or “altogether just.” The broken spirit brings us into right relationship with God; the righteous life causes us to live in correct relationship with our fellow man. Worshipers must offer spiritual sacrifices that come from lives that are in right relationship with others. It is no good worshiping the Lord and hating your brother. We do not just bring our lives to worship God on Sunday. Our sacrifice of righteousness means that we must do what is just and right at all times. Just like all the other sacrifices, this sacrifice involves difficult, yet important choices to worship God in every area of life rather than just going our own way.

Psalm 118:19
He opens for us the gates of righteousness

Romans 5:17
He has given us the gift of righteousness

Isaiah 61:10
He has covered me with the robe of righteousness...

Isaiah 61:3
We are called trees of righteousness

Psalm 23:3
He leads me in paths of righteousness

 All so that we can live as:
Romans 6:18-19 ...slaves of righteousness

...and continually offer
2Cor. 9:19 ...fruits of righteousness

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