Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Everything in the New Testament that is described as holy - 29 things:

Matt. 1:18  The Spirit is holy (the first mention in the New Testament of the word “holy”)
Matt 4:5  Jerusalem and the New Jerusalem is a holy city (Rev. 21:2)
Matt. 25:31 The angels are holy
Mk. 1:24  Jesus is holy
Mk. 6:20  John was holy
Lk. 1:49  The Lord’s name is holy
Lk. 1:70  The prophets were holy
Lk. 1:72  His covenants are holy
Jn. 17:11  The Father is holy
Rom. 1:2  The Scriptures are holy
Rom. 7:12  The law is holy
Rom. 11:15-16  Abraham and Israel are holy
Rom. 12:1  We are a holy sacrifice presented to the Lord
Rom. 16:16  We greet one another with a holy kiss
1Cor. 1:2  The Church is called to be a holy people (Eph. 1:4)
1Cor. 7:14  Children of Believers are holy
Eph. 2L21  The Church is a holy temple
Eph. 4:30  The Apostles and Prophets of the Church are holy
Eph. 5:27  The Church will be presented to the Lord as holy and blameless
1Thess. 2:10  Paul was holy
1Thess. 3:13  Jesus is returning with His holy ones (Jude 1:14) 
1Thess. 4:7  We are called to a holy life (2Tim. 1:9)
1Tim. 2:8  We have holy hands that are to be lifted in prayer and worship
2Tim. 3:15  The Word is holy
Heb. 9:2-25  Moses’ Tabernacle had a holy place and most holy place
Heb. 19:19  We have access to God’s most holy place through the blood of Jesus
1Pet. 2:5  We are a holy priesthood
1Pet. 2:9  We are a holy nation
Jude 1:20  We have a holy faith