Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We are heading off to Norway (also Germany and Sweden...but mostly Norway) in 2 days. I will do my best to keep up with this blog. I will be meeting wonderful worshipers wherever we go, and I hope to introduce you to some of them,

We absolutely love Norway and expect to see God do great things throughout the nation. This is Norway's time. I hope that those of you who follow this blog will pray for Norway over the next 2 1/2 months as we travel and minister there.

We are also looking forward to going to Germany for the first time. We are going to the oldest city in Germany: Trier

Marketplace and St. Gangolf Church

Trier is on the Western side of Germany

This is a gateway city for Germany - it was established by and Assyrian Prince around 2000BC. Also, Karl Marx came from Trier.

We are also excited to be joining with thousands of women at a women's conference at the Arken church near Stockholm. Heidi Baker will be the main speaker, and we look forward to some fabulous meetings.

The Arken Church - Sweden