Sunday, February 24, 2013

Psalm 91 - Sixteen Promises

I love Psalm 91 - the beautiful expression of God's protection and care. When we think of birds, we don't often think of power and  might. The Lord, however, has given us this picture of a tender bird protecting her young as He defends and shelters us from every storm. In this psalm, we find 16 promises. He will:

V1   Make a secret place for us to dwell in—under His shadow (V9)
V2   Be a place of refuge and fortress for us
V3   Deliver us from every trap and fatal diseases
V4   Cover us with His feathers
V4   Make His truth into our shield and buckler
V5   Take away fears and the terrors of night and the warfare of day
V6   Take away plagues and disasters
V10 Take away all evil and sickness from our homes
V11 Give us angels to protect and keep us
V13 Give us power over lions and poisonous snakes
V14 Deliver us and protect us (V15)
V15 Answer our prayers
V15 Grant us His presence in times of trouble
V15 Honor us
V16 Give us long life
V16 Give us His salvation