Tuesday, April 24, 2012

7 Things Jesus Prayed For The Church - John 17

John 17 is often referred to as the High Priestly prayer of Jesus. It is the longest recorded prayer that we have, and by far, the greatest prayer recorded in the Bible. In it, Jesus prayed for Himself, the disciples and us - those who would become disciples in the future. When Jesus prayed for us in John 17 He asked His Father for 7 things on our behalf:

• V11 Keep them in Your care

• V11 Unify them just as You and I are one. Also V21 - That we will be one with the Father in the same way that Jesus is one with the Father

• V13 Fill the Church with joy

• V15 Keep the Church safe from the evil one

• V17 Sanctify them (make them pure and holy and entirely Yours V19)

• V24 That the Church would be able to see God's glory

• V 26 That the love of God may be in the Church

It is amazing to see the priorities Jesus had in prayer. He knew that each of these issues needed to be covered in prayer on our behalf. We must make them a priority in prayer and lifestyle as well.

13 times in this chapter, the Father is seen as the Giver - He is the One who is the source of all things.

The words "loved," "love" are used 5 times
The word "Father" is used 6 times in the prayer
The words "glory," "glorify," "glorified" are used 8 times
The word "world" is used 17 times
The words "You," 'Your" are used 36 times